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Tuesday, November 21, 2017  

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All of us at MEDSTAT Systems, Inc. would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website today. We would like to leave you with several reasons we believe MEDSTAT would be a terrific choice for providing you services to meet your medical transportation needs.

Why choose MEDSTAT? We would like to offer several reasons but if you were to press us to give you a one sentence answer, it would be that all of us at MEDSTAT are keenly aware that every transaction we make directly affects the well being of a patient and that that responsibility is what guides us in all decisions we make regarding how we do our job.

The easiest way for me to convince you that MEDSTAT should be your courier company is to use the letters that make up the word MEDSTAT.

M in MEDSTAT means medically specific courier company. We work strictly with the medical community. You will never see one of our drivers picking up a greasy bearing from an auto parts store previous to walking into one of your client’s labs.

E is for economical. What is the cost of poor service? We believe we can give you a fair and competitive bid. At the same time we recognize it may not be your lowest bid. That said, costs associated by a couriers arriving late at a stop causing someone to pay employees overtime, costs derived by losing clients due to poor service and other examples you may be aware of probably don’t appear in your budget under courier expenses. It has been our experience with current clients that MEDSTAT has been able to greatly diminish or eliminate those ancillary costs associated by poor service.

D in MEDSTAT stands for dependability. We’d like to think that you could set your watch by our drivers. None of our routes are designed in a way that a driver has to be unsafe to get it done on time. There is enough cushion that delays caused by construction or weather won’t adversely affect the route. On the handful of ugly weather days we do experience, we have enough support staff that are able to go out and take pressure off the system so that all routes and clients are served in as timely a fashion is possible.

S is for stability. MEDSTAT has been in business for over ten years. We now have over 60 clients that use us on a daily basis. In the ten years we’ve been in business, we have never lost a client due to service. We have never placed an ad for an employee. Of our 100 employees, 72 of them have been with us for more than one year and 22 for longer than four years.

T stands for technology. MEDSTAT has developed a tracking system through the use of our web site, bar code labels, PDA mobile phones and scanners. We offer access to user defined reports, tracking of specimens and supplies, online ordering for request services and much more. We are consistently looking for new ways to improve or add additional features. Because we developed this system, we are able to tailor many aspects of it specifically to each clients needs. We would welcome the opportunity in a few moments to show you what we have in place currently and what we are working on for the future.

A is for accountability. A recent audit of our services by one client showed that we had moved in excess of 600,000 samples in a one-year period. The audit showed two errors that were courier related; and they weren’t even sure in the end whether we made the mistake or not. This account doesn’t use the bar code tracking. That said, we are human and we do make mistakes on occasion. On those occasions we do make a mistake, typically we know about them before you do. Our procedure is to inform you of the error, ask for your guidance or let you know the measures we are taking to rectify the issue.

T in MEDSTAT is for training. New employees undergo a comprehensive training program which includes the safe handling of blood borne pathogens, defensive driving, the safe lifting and handling of packages, patient confidentiality and general customer service skills. Existing employees revisit some of these components on an annual basis. We expect a lot of our employees and we work hard to give them the tools and support to put them in the best possible position to succeed.

Medically Specific

We believe those are seven compelling reasons for you to choose MEDSTAT to handle your courier services. In conclusion, we’d like to leave you with one more that’s of a personal nature. Our vice-president’s father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a little more than three years ago. Two of the three practices he saw during the course of his treatment were clients of MEDSTAT. On one occasion our VP sat with his father for an appointment with his oncologist and his appointment was delayed two hours because his x-rays hadn’t arrived at the clinic on time. As it happened, it was from the practice that wasn’t using MEDSTAT. That day, he became keenly aware of the effect that poor service has not only on the physicians and labs but also on the patient. Spending time in that waiting room reaffirmed his and our belief that the work we do is valuable, that the methods we use at MEDSTAT with every transaction we make should be the standard, not the exception and that your practice would be making a terrific choice in partnering with MEDSTAT Systems, Inc.



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